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Installation de jantes 17" sur un véhicule équipé en 16" (Porsche 944)

** Note Porsche du 28 septembre 1993 **

PS: Afin d'éviter la déformation de certains termes techniques précis, la note est présentée telle quelle, en langue anglaise.

Number 9303, Model 4 Cylinder, Part Identifier 4412

Installing 17" Porsche wheels on vehicles previously equipped with 16" wheels.

Service Manager / Service Technician :
This bulletin replaces Technical Bulletin Group 4, Number 9303, dated 9-14-93.

Models Affected:
944 from 1987 with M3O option
944S from 1987 with M3O option
944 T from 1987 with M3O option
944 Turbo S 1988
944 Turbo 1989
944S2 from 1989

Installing 17" Porsche wheels on vehicles previously equipped with 16" wheels.

Installation Information:

A. Front and rear fender well lips must be reworked and/or checked for adequate tire clearance.

B. Suspension travel must also be checked. Parts such as brake lines, hoses and brackets must have adequate clearance.

C. New caster eccentrics, rear mounts and nuts must be installed in the front control arms. This change is necessary due to a change in caster specification on vehicles equipped with Porsche 17" wheels. The specification for vehicles equipped with 17" wheels is 3°15'-45 (see Figure A.)

D. Vehicles must have a rear stabilizer bar.

E. When adjusting vehicles to new caster specification, all alignment values should be checked at that time.

F. When summer tires are used on vehicles with 17" Porsche wheels, snow chains cannot be used. If winter tires are used, only snow chains with Porsche Part Number 911 361 924 OO may be used.

G. Tire pressures for front and rear 17" Porsche wheels is to be set at 2.5 bar (36 PSI) at approximately 20°C (68°F).

H. When using this rim and tire combination, a 17 mm spacer plate must be installed on the rear wheel hub. The customer must be informed that if the emergency wheel is needed, the spacer must be removed.

I. Not for Cabriolet vehicles.


Jantes 18" sur Porsche 924/944/968/928

** Note Porsche du 23 Mars 1993 **

Number 9305, Model All, Part Identifier 4412

Installation of Porsche 18" Wheels Not Approved

Service Manager/Service Technician

Models Affected:

Retrofitting 18" wheels on Porsche vehicles which do not have 18" wheels as original equipment is NOT ALLOWED.

General Information:
Endurance tests have shown that equipping certain Porsche vehicles with 18" wheels in an application not already approved by Porsche Cars, N.A. may result in loosened bolts and/or threaded connections on the front wheel carriers. This, in turn, may cause fractures in these components. Fractures may also occur in the front strut mounts and in the body in the area of the rear suspension as a result of the installation of 18" wheels not already approved for installation for this specific application.

Such damage can occur without warning and the vehicle may become very hard to control or steer as a result of this improper installation.

Porsche dealer personnel coming in contact with a vehicle that has been retrofitted with 18" wheels in an application not approved by Porsche, should inform the owner of the vehicle of the potential for damage to their vehicle and loss of steering control. Porsche Cars, N.A. should also be notified of any vehicles retrofitted with 18" wheels.